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Word To Image Converter,Support set Image Format and Resolution. Word To Png,Word To Jpeg,Word To Bmp,Word To Tiff,Word To Emf.

The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture, the larger the file size

Online Word conversion jpg picture function description

Quick and easy conversion of Word files into JPG picture files Simple and efficient; one-button operation, fast and convenient.
Support .Doc, .Docx file format.
Keep the style and layout of the source document to the fullest extent possible.。
Support the choice of picture format and resolution, support Word to Png, Word to Jpeg, Word to Bmp, Word to Tiff, Word to Emf.
The higher the resolution you set, the clearer the picture is, and the larger the picture size.

Word converts the page into a total of the following steps:

Click the Select button to select the Word file that needs to be converted.
Click the button to upload the file and start converting the image, then wait for it.
Click the download link to download the converted image file to the local
The files on the server will not be leaked and the system will be deleted automatically every day. Please download the files in time.