Free Online Word Split

Multi-page WORD documents are divided into multiple WORD documents



Online Word split function description

Multi-page WORD documents are divided into multiple WORD documents;
A multi-page WORD is divided into two documents according to the parity page: odd page documents and even page documents;
Split a WORD document into multiple documents by a fixed number of pages.
You can also customize the page segmentation, enter the page range can be divided according to the page number of documents
You can extract a page by WORD document, and you can create a new document by entering the page you want to extract in the page range.
Support .Doc, .Docx file format.
Keep the style and layout of the source document.

Word converts the page into a total of the following steps:

Click the Select button to select the Word file that needs to be split.
Click the button to upload the file and start spiting, then wait for it.
Click the download link to download the file to the local
The files on the server will not be leaked and the system will be deleted automatically every day. Please download the files in time.
More advanced features, please download
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